Meeting 12-5-13

#EAT Officer Meeting: (12/5 4:15pm – ECS 304)

##Officer Attendance

* Bob Ward [  ]

* Steven Le [  ]

* Michael Vartan [  ]

* Sam Jacobs [  ]

* Josh Owens [  ]

* Stephanie Gomez [  ]

* Ian G. [  ]

* Ivan H. [  ]

## EAT Members

* Dominick Sermeno [  ]

## Others

##Approval of Agenda

* First:

* Second:

* Comments:

##Approval of Minutes

* First:

* Second:

* Comments:


* Bob Ward:

* Steven Le: I will be working 18th (Wednesday)-22nd (Sunday) but will be on campus during the week to clean up the room.  I would like to ask the board if we wanted to meet weekly over the holidays?

1. We have 3 students interested in E-Week Committee and would like more details on it.

Jonathan Michaelson

Joe McCully

Angelina Roman

2. We also have 11 volunteers to help clean and plan over the break.  Dominick, Dennis Gordon, Adam Morris, Ben Lee, Brian Luu, Joe McCully, Mary Kate, Angelina Roman, Stephanie Gomez (Treasurer), Christian Pinheiro, Tam Nguyen.

3. x30 8051 Boards will be in before 1/29/2014.

Things I’m Doing Over Break

1. Setting up the printers (the Samsung and Dell printers.. I noticed we still have brand new ink).  Finding a spot for them is going to be the biggest issue.

2. Set up a calendar timeline for EAT for Spring for projects, and plan out the semester.  (This will include guest speakers, events, workshops, tutoring) Vartan will be working on campus over the break so I’ll be seeing him often to discuss matters.

3.  I will discuss with AESB President Linh Nguyen to get an idea regarding the banquet for end of the year and feedback.

* Michael Vartan:

* Sam Jacobs:

* Josh Owens:

* Stephanie Gomez:

* Ian G. :

* Ivan H.:

##Officer Reports

* President:

* External Vice President:

* Internal Vice President:

* Secretary:

* Treasurer:
* Project Coordinator:

* AESB Representative:

##Old Business (11/21)

* President:

  1. Review the old businesses to clear them all.  Put into consideration for next semester.

Steven: I will send Dom old business by tomorrow.

Vartan: Go to to sign up.  Contact Vartan.

  2. Officer attendance?  Consequences?  Concerns?

Dom: Give Sam control of coordinator of Bob’s event.  MOTION PASSES

  3. Times for next semester for GBM, Officer Meetings?

Options: Monday @ 3:00pm.

  4. Subcommittee Reports:

Raspberry Pi subcommittee:  Dean, Jonathan Michaelson, Ben, Farrell.

Vartan: No plans to meet this semester.  Report back on schedule for 

Intelligence stage Subcommittee: Vartan: Gerald hasn’t met either.  He’s been 

Finance Subcommittee: Angelina, Aimee, Dean (Haven’t met), (Vartan).  Steph: Need to talk to Dean.  Look at Daniel’s report and having a system.  Follow up by Tuesday.

Ivan: Suggest tablets for EAT. (Steven: I will talk to Bob)

  5.  @Stephanie: What can we do to update our finances and reports? *Answered

  6. I already e-mailed Benjamin Lee (webmaster) on uploading the C&B, and Project
Proposal document to the website.  We will be working together to update the forums,
scholarships, officer info.  You will have an online report next Tuesday.

  7.  How did the pictures turn out from the meeting weeks back?

  8.  What would we like to talk about week before Turkey Day?  Bob’s social on the 19th?

Dom: Slideshows on what we’ve done this semester/not done.


 10. @Bob: I would like to contact John Allen to do boards again next semester.  This time
EARLIER.  Quantity?  Board vote?

 11. @Vartan: We need to look into inventory to see what we will be purchasing next 


##New Business


Bob’s Social

Proposal: $100 to Bob for Carne Asada “fiesta” themed for 19th.

Other Options: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chips supplied by board… potluck from EAT members?

E-Week Committee

Should we assign a head to it?  Perhaps Jonathan Michaelson and work with him to set up a timeline, meeting dates over the break, even availability and get this going?

Discussion regarding getting components for next semester

John Yu?  Another distributor?  (ie: JK has $7 resistor packs 400 ct.) Research?

E-mails of Component Packs (extension to above),,,

Bob Ward <>,,,,,

@Bob: Catalina?

@Vartan: Can you check upstairs and get our room reserved for Monday Spring semester?

@Sam: Work with Bob and work to appoint slots for guest speakers for next semester.

@Stephanie: How we doing on reports?

@Josh: Meetings next semester @ 3.  What are our options?

@Ivan: Process for preparation for E-Week?

@Ian: Great job this semester.

##Closing comments

Good luck on your finals!

##Adjournment @ X:XX PM



Meeting 11-19-13


Old News:

Officer Reports
Steven – No report.
Michael – No report.
Josh – Job opportunity at RadioShack. Please see me if you’re interested in the job.
Daniel – No report.
Ian – No report.
Ivan – No report.

Faculty Advisor:
• Eat social at my place, December 19th 2013, there will be games and food and other enjoyable things at 8pm.

• Food – Give it a week to figure out what kind of foods we want at the social.

• Meeting about the jet fighter. We are designing a new cockpit for the F22. Of the 10 or 12 people that presented last meeting. Mine was one of the three that where accepted. They will be giving next level funding for the heads up display.

• Next semester I am teaching 285, if you guys want to sign up for my class.

Treasure Nominations

Josh moves to close the nominations
Dominick seconds


Stephanie: In high school I was treasure for 3 years. And president to the club. I understand that this is an important position. I do want to be a part of the team, and this is something I should do and can do a good job at.

Michaelson: I am good with money, I would really like to help you guys out with starting up projects, get the club going into a good direction. I was here for most of the semester last year, but it became more of a social club and I didn’t like the direction. I would really like to help with the finances to get better projects going.

Stephanie wins, and is now the new treasure.


Raspberry Pi subcommittee:
Dean, Michaelson, Ben, Farrell.

Intelligence stage Subcommittee:
To be announced

Finance Subcommittee:
Angelina, Dean, (Vartan).

We are currently looking for parts, and how to develop the main control board and the arm.
Closing Comments

Officers that don’t show up:
What do you guys think about this?
If they aren’t showing up to the executive meetings, then that is a problem.
We should change the meeting time for just the spring semester, and move it back to 4 in the fall.
We should pick two or three times and then vote on it.

Meeting 10-15-13


Sam Stokes: 3D printers!

There is a lot of software to use out there to use the printing component for a 3D printer. But there are many reasons as to why you would want to make your own software for the use of 3D printers. Let’s think about the business that we might have. You wouldn’t want to be using other peoples software and getting charged to use them. We want to keep it as simple as possible. I want you all to understand that building a module is something that is an option of doing. What I’d like to challenge you guys to do is creating a software for a 3D printer that will allow you to create prints from any design in a fast efficient way that is profitable. Think of some ideas and if you have any ideas please get back to me.

  • 8051 boards are coming in today! Please get in contact with Steven to pick up your order.

Old News

Officer Reports


  • If you didn’t notice, that there is no food today. We want for all of you to decide what we do with our “food” money.


  • Don’t feel that we should have food during the meeting. I feel that having food takes away from what’s actually going on.
  • Should have food that goes with what is going on. For example a special event, or a food reward, but not every time.
  • We need to be productive at the meetings and food is not in the picture.
  • In all honesty, would the money be put towards something else besides food?
  • There should be a motion for a trial month
  • Vartan motions that there should be a trial period with no food for the next 4 meetings.
  • Dominic seconds


  • There needs to be records of the effects of this change.
  • Vote
  • Unanimous; pass
  • Looking for people who are willing to help clean up the EAT room at about 7pm pst.


  • Halloweengineering
  • You have 10 days left to make your item of interest, has to be engineering related. It can be little it can be large.
  • There will be prizes!
  • Xbox game and live time
  • Movie, Shaun of The Dead
  • In ECS 105 at 7

Raspberry pi committee

  • First proposed project; EatTV;
  • Want to be able to control the TV through raspberry pi
  • Want it to also display slides from other projects that show real time data


  • Nothing new to report


  • Nothing new to report


  • Sunfish: It’s awesome
  • It is progressing really fast. This Saturday we have another meeting. This week we are going to start deciding on what things to purchase for the ROV. And will be building in a not to distant future.


  • The speaker series is happening Tuesdays in ENGR 200 at 12 to 1PM, the speakers will change every week. More information will be forwarded to anyone who is interested.
  • Right now there are open seats for the academic engineering student body for the event coordinator.
  • Halloween costume contest being hosted by LBMS ECS 304 at 5pm different prizes are going to be given out. You have to make your own costume.
  • The AESB pres. is stepping down so there is an open position in the Engineering student body.

Faculty Advisor

  • On the 24th next Thursday. The dean has a college of engineering lecture series. It will be at the point (the room in the pyramid) at 5pm – 7pm. The topic this month is the reproduction of body parts. **Ill be there <3**
  • The deans cockpit project
  • He has just received some funding from Northrup.
  • They are looking at trying to improve the technology for the people that pilot.

Closing Comments

Meeting 2013/09/10

  • Officers explain what their roll as an officer.
  • Printer access opening up soon. Members only. There might be discounts for a different amounts points you have earned for being in the club.
  • How to join?
    • Visit and sign up.
    • Everyone please sign up so we can get everything running smoothly
    • You will get points for joining, and must be signed up to earn points which can turn into free stuff
  • Old News
    • Engineering welcome day last Saturday.
    • Thanks everyone who showed up for showing up.
    • Snack store is open, ready for business, and fully stocked!
    • Component store
      • New component packs will be made to accommodate the classes that need them.
      • Sell a verity of stuff for projects and other things you might need.
      • Still taking deposits for the 8051 boards, 19 sold 11 left. Deadline for orders are next Tuesday. If you have issues paying please talk to Steven to work something out.
  • Officer Reports
    • Steven:
      • Steven and Johnny  are hosting their meetings Wednesday and Thursday at 4:00pm and 5:00pm ECS 304 for makers society and ACM
      • Steve gold has a programming team that is every Thursday at 7pm ECS 416 It does count as 1 unit and can be used for an elective class.
      • Now offering tutoring for majority of CE classes and CS classes. Come by the tutoring center in ECS 115, its free and there for you. See Sam for more information
      • Will be bringing 2, 3D printers. Questions are open for answers. Will  be opened to the club for use.
      • In the next couple of weeks we will be implementing committees for different events.
        • You can get points for participating.
        • Workshops coming soon (SolidWorks, Git, Pi, etc)
        • Vartan has done an outstanding job on maintaining the website, might be looking for a webmaster soon to handle it.
        • T-Shirt design competition
          • Be creative
          • Has to have EAT in the logo
          • You can win points
          • Winner will also get a free shirt
        • Leo’s Workshop
          • Tuesdays and Wednesdays ECS 314
      • Michael:
        • Make sure to sign up on the website. Might be changing the mailing list to signed up members only
        • I want to hear suggestions about the meeting to keep them rolling smoothly email with ideas
      • Josh:
        • Nothing new to report
      • Daniel:
        • Nothing new to report
      • Ian:
        • Sunfish project
          • Was created out of the idea to compete in the Robosub competition
          • Competing in two competitions, MATE and then RoboSub
            • MATE- underwater vehicle competition
            • Sunfish- Autonomous underwater vehicle competition
        • If you have ideas on projects, workshops, etc, email Ian to get that started
      • Ivan:
        • Resume workshop hosted by MAES with BOEING
        • Next Wednesday, September 18th ECS 202 12:30
  • Faculty Advisor
    • Bob:
      • Cant make it
  • Closing Comments


EAT Meeting Notes – 3 September, 2012

Eat Minutes 9/3/13

Meeting Starts 4:06

  • Steven

◦         Officer descriptions and introductions.

◦         What is eat?

◦         Point system

▪         Every time you go to a meeting, attend events, etc you will receive an x amount of points to contribute to your gain position in the organization. This is in place to keep everyone involved.

◦         8051 boards

▪         taking orders

▪         will arrive in October

▪         155 cash or check, includes board, power supply, serial comp. Cable

▪         option for 15 dollar USB to serial cable

▪         2 weeks to reserve

▪         cant reserve it until we have taken a full payment.

◦         LBMS

▪         first meeting Thursday Sept. 5th 5pm room 304 ECS

◦         Eat rules

▪         EAT is a place for getting work done

▪         be courteous; keep volume low

▪         DO not abuse the microwave service

▪         don’t block the walkways

▪         chairs reserved for people getting work done

▪         welcome all strangers and be inviting

▪         keep leather chairs at work stations

▪         tools and workstations for EAT members only

▪         clean up after yourself.

◦         Project Sunfish

▪         2 competitions that we will be competing in, in 2014

▪         for more information talk to either Steven or Ian

◦         ION

▪         40 bucks for a 1 year membership.

▪         Can get up to 1000 dollars in project funding

◦         Upcoming Events

▪         Version control workshops

▪         study sessions, tutoring, etc

▪         programming competitions

▪         t-shirt design contest

▪         Mock interviews, achedemic advising

◦         Cool thing of the week

▪         MilkRap: on

◦         Engineering welcome week in front of the outpost september 7th  at 11

  • Bob

◦         In danger of losing the EAT room, please follow all the rules to insure that we keep the room

◦         We have some money in the CECS funding system and is open for use with funding of projects.

▪         Maybe we could use this to get funding for Sunfish, or perhaps a real 3D printer

◦         Sam Stokes and MSDNAA

▪         He will be on campus tuesday, get some clarifications for whats going on with the microsoft accounts.

▪         Need to create a list of someone who would like to be the MSDNAA rep

▪         If anyone is interested this thursday Epson is stopping by to show off the google glasses along with other cool technology VEC 227 from 2-3:15

  • ACM

◦         First GBM wednesday at 4 ECS 304 9/11 will be every other wednesday after

  • Closing Comments



Come to our first meeting!

Come to our first EAT meeting of the semester!
  • Time: 4:00 PM (refreshments and food will be provided)
  • Location: ECS-304
  • Food is free, in exchange for your smiling faces.
BeachSync and Membership sign up
8051 Boards for CECS 262, 285, 346
  • 8051 board orders are being taken. Stop by the EAT room ECS-303 to speak to an officer.
  • Prices: $155 for the board, power supply, and PC serial cable. (optional $15 for USB to Serial Cable)
  • Taking DEPOSITS NOW!  A receipt will be provided for you.  We cannot reserve a board until you have paid in full.
Snack Store
  • Our snack store is opened and fully stocked!
  • Come fill your midday cravings. The store will be opened during normal school hours.
PS: Welcome back to school everyone, hope you all got your schedules worked out and are ready to take on the new semester. 
Don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page.  We will be providing random posts and updates on what is going on surrounding the club, whether it’s alumni visitations, company visitations, or snack food restocking.